Designed to Activate Your Core Muscles

Available in a Range of Colours


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CoreTrainer belt volcano red

Volcano Red

CoreTrainer belt moon blue

Moon Blue

CoreTrainer belt sunrise orange

Sunrise Orange

CoreTrainer belt coral pink

Coral Pink


What our professional’s and customers say

The Designer of the Coretrainer belt


Fitness training is one of my life’s passions, although I must confess I hate the old-fashioned version of a sit-up!

Training whilst young and inexperienced I strained my lower back and neck a few times.
I became aware of repetitive strain as an adult and decided to take action to train effectively without over compensating my lower back muscles and consequently end up in pain!

I needed to support my lower back the Coretrainer makes floor exercises feel easier, giving momentum to help with muscle retention and ultimately push your abs to the limit!

It has supported and helped me reach fitness goals I never imagined possible. I feel stronger than ever before and the Coretrainer belt will transform your workouts too.